System Integration 2022 (SMCES) grant scheme open for new project proposals

Published on: 21 January 2022 | Last edited on: 3 June 2022

Smart systems are needed to continuously coordinate energy supply and demand and to switch between different forms of energy. The System Integration 2022 (SMCES) grant scheme encourages the development of these systems. The scheme will open on 1 February for two months.

Energy innovations

Around 130 million euros in grants are available annually for energy innovations within the Top Sector Energy. Some of the themes include sustainable energy production, energy conservation, increasing the flexibility of the energy system (including hydrogen), CO2 reduction, circular economy, and natural gas-free homes, neighbourhoods and buildings. DEI+ and HER+ are well-known Dutch grants for energy innovations, and the MOOI scheme is focused on new energy solutions.

System Integration 2022: smart control of our energy system

System Integration 2022 (SMCES) is a very specific scheme within the Top Sector Energy, and is an updated version of the previous System Integration 2020 scheme. In 2022, it will only be possible to apply for grants for innovative smart control systems for a Smart Multi-Commodity Energy System (SMCES, programme line 2).

An SMCES ensures that energy supply and demand are continuously matched for both households and industry. This may concern the generation and storage of different energy carriers such as electricity, heat, hydrogen and green gas, as well as energy infrastructures. The aforementioned smart control systems must demonstrate that an SMCES works effectively.

In short, a System Integration 2022 (SMCES) scheme grant is intended to support research into and/or development of innovations aimed at ensuring the safety, reliability and affordability of our future energy system.

System Integration 2022 in detail

The System Integration 2022 (SMCES) scheme is intended for grid operators, knowledge institutions and companies. The scheme will be open for grant applications for two months, from 1 February to 5.00 pm on 29 March. The available grant budget is 1.4 million euros, and depending on the activities in the project, the grant covers up to 80% of the eligible project costs.

To be eligible for the grant, the project must include the following activities:

  • design and development of smart control systems for a Smart Multi-Commodity Energy System (SMCES)
  • experimental testing of the operation and effects of smart control systems.

Both of these activities must be carried out within the project.

General conditions

Projects must also meet the following general conditions:

  • The project is to be carried out in partnership with at least one company.
  • The project fits within the description of programme line 2 (SMCES).
  • The project will begin within six months of the grant being awarded.
  • The project will have a duration of up to two years.
  • Research organisations’ costs will not exceed 65% of the total eligible project costs.
  • Upon completion of the project, other parties will have unconditional access to the project results.

The products developed within the project may be offered commercially at the end of the project.

Assessment procedure

Once the scheme closes (at 5.00 pm on 29 March), the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) will evaluate the projects that have been submitted, under the advice of independent external experts. The best projects will receive a grant, with RVO using the following review criteria:

  • the extent to which the project contributes to the programme line objectives
  • the potential for the success of the innovation in the Dutch market and society
  • the quality of the project
  • the quality of the partnership
  • the extent to which the project is innovative in relation to the international state of research or technology, and strengthens the Netherlands’ knowledge position.

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