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Demonstration of Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+)

DEI+ is a grant for projects in which new innovations in the field of energy and CO2 reduction are tried out in the form of a pilot or demonstration project. These are innovations for which most of the research has already been completed. Examples include testing a prototype at a practical location or a pilot setup, or applying a new technology in an industrial production process.

In short

DEI+ overview

For whom?

Dutch companies that will test a new energy and/or climate innovation in practice. These are usually industrial parties that act as 'first users' of the innovation in question. The new technology is then tested, demonstrated and perfected on location. This is often done in collaboration with the developer, manufacturer, supplier or other partners.

When to apply?

The DEI+ scheme works with several application rounds. Besides the 'general' application round, 'specific' rounds appear regularly around certain themes. Each round has its own application period (see below under DEI+ Themes). Please note that applications are processed as long as the budget for the relevant theme stretches (according to the 'first come, first served' principle).

How much?

The grant rate is usually between 25 and 50% of project costs. Several exceptions to this are possible (such as an additional mark-up of 10% or 20% for costs by a medium or small company, respectively, or a possible increase to 80% for research organisations. The grant can amount to 25 million euro (for pilot projects) or even 30 million for demonstration projects. The available grant budget is determined per application round (see overview under DEI+ Themes below)

For what?

Projects which reduce CO₂ emissions for sustainability and energy innovation, such as:

  • Pilot projects, in which you test and improve a new technology in a pilot set-up that is typical of practical use.
  • Demonstration projects, where you invest in a production facility that will remain in use after the grant project ends.

Meet the requirements

DEI+ conditions

This grant scheme is subject to various terms of eligibility, including the following:

Dutch enterprises are eligible for the DEI+ grant.

Projects must have a maximum duration of 4 years.

Projects must be innovative.

In pilot projects, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) considers the international state of the art.

For demonstration projects, you are allowed to have received a grant for the same type of installation twice before from the Topsector Energy schemes.

Your benefit

What does the DEI+ grant provide?

Type of project
Grant rate
Pilot projects
Demonstration projects

* To this is added an additional 10% for medium-sized enterprises and an additional 20% for small enterprises.

Investment subsidies are only granted on the so-called additional costs; the additional investment costs compared to a less environmentally friendly investment that could also be made. We are happy to help you determine the reference for optimising the subsidy.

Overview of

DEI+ themes

General DEI round
The regular ‘general and broad’ DEI+ round is open for applications from 21 November 2023 to 29 August 2024 at the latest (but as long as the budget stretches, €141 million). This round covers the following themes:

Energy efficiency:

This theme involves projects aimed at making production processes more energy-efficient (i.e. not buildings). This may involve existing processes, but also new processes if they are more efficient than the current state of the art.

Promotion of energy from renewable sources:

This concerns the production, storage and incorporation of energy from wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, biomass, landfill gas, biogas and sewage gas, among others. Landscape/spatial integration can be part of it. New is that projects involving biofuels (e.g. biokerosene) or energy storage are also eligible.

Energy system flexibility:

Pilot projects aimed at preventing grid congestion and other imbalances using plants or vehicles (via energy storage, conversion, off-grid supply, reactive or real-time demand management and so on).

Local infrastructure:

This concerns demonstration projects focusing on local energy infrastructure of an open/public nature (such as distribution networks, steam networks, industrial infrastructure, innovative heat networks or district heating).

Circular Economy:

This theme focuses on reduction of fossil raw materials, replacement by secondary raw materials (e.g. bio-based), waste reduction, recovery, collection/sorting and making them suitable for reuse or recycling. New is that from now on it may also include processing of own waste streams, or replacement of primary raw materials by recycled raw materials. Please note that only large projects (from EUR 3 million in subsidies) are eligible.

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

This involves capture, transport, application or storage of CO2. Projects should aim at reducing industrial CO2 emissions, meeting future carbon needs or ‘negative’ emission technologies.

Other CO2 reduction measures:

This residual category provides space for projects that fall outside one of the other DEI+ themes, from both generic or specific opening rounds.

Specific DEI rounds
In addition to the general DEI+ round above, there are several ‘specific’ application rounds, each with its own focus, budget and application period.
They are:

Gasification of waste streams

This DEI grant round is aimed at companies investing in installations for converting biogenic or mixed residue streams into sustainable energy carriers (green gas, methanol, etc.). Applications can be made from 15 February until 29 August 2024 at the latest, as long as the budget lasts (€98 million).

Hydrogen and green chemistry

This DEI round concerns pilots and demonstration projects focused on hydrogen production (electrolysis), transport/storage, innovative applications and infrastructure. Applications can be made from 3 July 2023 until 25 June 2024 at the latest, however as long as the budget lasts (€40 million).

Circular Economy

This DEI grant round is aimed at projects that enable recycling, reuse or biobased materials. Applications can be made from 22 april until 1 november 2024 at the latest, as long as the budget lasts (€20 million). The theme has focus on smaller projects, with a maximum grant application of €3 million.

Natural gas-free urban environment

This DEI call focuses on pilot and demonstration projects, aimed at making existing buildings ‘natural gas-free’. Applications can be made from 1 March until 29 August 2024, however as long as the budget lasts (€6 million).

Why this grant?

Purpose of DEI+

The DEI+ grant is an investment grant for Dutch innovations in the field of sustainable energy and energy saving. The purpose of this grant is twofold:

      • Stimulating the sustainability of the Netherlands.
      • Stimulating the economy – so that the step up to the international market is easier for Dutch companies.

“I am responsible for the collaboration with many of EGEN’s clients, mainly in the environmental sector. I am a person with a positive approach (the glass is half full!) who likes challenges and results.”

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