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The transition to sustainable energy. From a linear to a circular economy. Zero emission mobility. We do what we do best: help you accelerate your green innovation. Because every green innovation, no matter how big or small, pays for itself in a future-proof planet. And isn’t that a responsibility we all share?

We are intrinsically motivated to create a green future. We are drenched in renewal and transition. We accelerate your green innovation project, not only for ourselves but also for future generations. Our innovation expertise in energy, environment and mobility enables us to deliver tangible results that make the world a lot more sustainable.

The necessity to transition to a sustainable world is clear. The road there almost always includes ‘innovation’. Storing energy. Less pressure on the environment. Alternative forms of mobility. These are just some of the many examples that are of great importance for a greener future. Companies, researchers and government in the Netherlands, Europe and anywhere else in the world make an effort to contribute to these challenges. That also means there are many innovation opportunities for you!

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To a sustainable world

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Investing in sustainable energy is investing in the future. Sustainable energy can be generated in different ways, of which the most well-known are solar and wind energy. Our experts have years of experience with innovation and investment projects in the area of sustainable energy, energy savings, and energy systems.


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A sustainable world is a circular world: we see waste as a resource to reuse. By transforming our agrofood system, we ensure food is produced in a sustainable way. How we use our water contributes to this. For projects on these topics, and many others, you can get support from EGEN. We help you turn your environmental project into a success.


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For years, EGEN has been working on the topic of mobility to contribute to more sustainable transportation. Whether it is sustainable transportation of goods and people, sustainable mobility infrastructure or smart mobility, we support our clients with the development and implementation of sustainable mobility strategies..


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How can we help you?

How can we help you accelerate your green innovation? For us, helping you reaching your green goals, is the most satisfying challenge we take on every single day. We offer decisiveness in projects and provide innovative solutions for sustainable results. Our services range from ideation to help you map insights and opportunities through development to turn your ideas into promising projects with partners and funding to realisation, such as project management and compliance. Curious how we can help you? Have a look at our services.

Facts & figures

Green innovation projects

Did you know that scientists were already researching solar energy in the 1950s? That gives a good picture of how much time and additional research is needed to bring a good idea to its full potential.

Over the years, EGEN has worked on a wide variety of green innovation projects. Exactly how many you can see here:

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IPCEI Hydrogen launches new funding rounds

IPCEI Hydrogen launches new funding rounds

Hydrogen import and storage and hydrogen applications in mobility and transport can make an important contribution to achieving the Dutch and European climate objectives. The IPCEI Hydrogen initiative has now launched a new funding round for projects in the field of...

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EUI programme for European cities launches first call

EUI programme for European cities launches first call

European cities are facing major challenges, for instance in terms of sustainability, security and equal opportunities. To help cities tackle these challenges, a brand new EU programme is being launched this autumn: the European Urban Initiative (EUI). This article...

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Reduce your GHG emissions together with EGEN

Reduce your GHG emissions together with EGEN

A key premise of European climate policy is the prevention and reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This objective also affects many sustainable investment and innovation projects. Many major grant schemes, such as the Innovation Fund, CEF, DEI+...

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