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Calculate CO2 emissions 

CO2 emissions and CO2 reduction currently play an important role in many (inter)national innovation projects. Curious how much carbon emissions your project emits or will emit? Our calculation provides answers. We will use a CO2 calculation (also called a greenhouse gas reduction calculation) and model your innovation project. 

In this model we identify all greenhouse gas emissions during the life cycle of your project. We then compare the performance of the project with a reference case based on the current state of technology. Based on this, you can show the impact of your project on society. 


What are the benefits of a CO2 calculation? 

A GHG emissions calculation:

Provides insight into the greenhouse gas emission reduction for a sustainable investment or innovation project compared to the status quo. We also include new developments such as CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) that may affect business operations.

Supports demonstrating the positive impact of the project to increase the sustainability of the sector. This analysis gives you the opportunity to distinguish your company from other initiatives within the sector.

Helps to identify bottlenecks in the greenhouse gas footprint of processes and prepare them for new legislations. We use our knowledge of current sustainability themes to fully prepare you for a future in which business models will be judged more often on their greenhouse gas footprint.

We use our knowledge and activities within the financing landscape to ensure a good connection with applications for European grant programs such as Innovation Fund and CEF, but also national grant programs such as DEI+ and VEKI. Curious how a CO2 calculation can support your project? Contact us for a consultation.
Our approach 

How do we calculate greenhouse gas emissions? 

The analysis is based on the EU ETS methodology which is generally accepted within Europe. The EU ETS system already has a significant impact on certain sectors and will be extended to other sectors. 

The analysis follows the following four steps: 

  1. Identification (input, processes, products)
  2. Data collection 
  3. Substantiation of the assumptions 
  4. Calculation and interpretation of the emissions
Examples of

CO2 calculations in projects 

We have supported several projects with our emission reduction calculation within the energy-intensive industry, fuel sector and energy storage. The CO2 calculation gave these customers the insights necessary to take the next step in their innovation process: 


Attero is active in waste-processing industry and focuses on the recovery and reuse of energy and raw materials from waste. We supported one of their projects with a CO2 calculation.

Short and informative 

FAQ about calculating CO2 

How do I calculate my company's CO2 emissions?

Determining your company’s ecological footprint is based on 3 levels: direct CO2 emissions from sources within the organization and indirect CO2 emissions, which are subdivided into the consumption of raw materials such as electricity and heat, and emissions from company activities, such as investments. Would you like to receive a calculation for your company? Please contact us. 

How much CO2 can a company emit?

The European Commission determines every year how much CO2 ETS companies are allowed to emit. This amount decreases every year, so that the 2030 climate targets are achieved. The latest figures and reports can be found on the website of the emissions authority. 


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