Green and responsible

A sustainable Europe

Achieving a sustainable impact

EGEN is all about achieving visible sustainable impact throughout Europe. Using our sector specialism, innovation expertise and extensive network of sustainable frontrunners we support our clients in accelerating their innovative green ambitions. At all times, we aim to do this in a green and responsible manner. That is why we are working on a corporate social responsibility policy.

Not only are our consultants specialised in the energy, environment, and mobility sectors, but more importantly, they are intrinsically motivated to make Europe a more sustainable place. This makes that they are willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve outstanding results. This is what drives them every day again. And it is what sets EGEN apart.

Sustainable Development Goals
The way we work is reflected by the drive of our professionals. In our pursuit of sustainability, we have developed activities and initiatives in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This policy will ensure that EGEN only positively impacts people, planet, and profits. This also means that as we increase our returns, social and environmental value will be created equally.


Our current focus lies on implementing a green mobility policy. We aim to become fully carbon neutral and circular. 


By constantly improving on workload and work-related stress, as well as investing in personal development, we strive for happy, healthy, and dedicated employees.


By creating shared value, being transparent and complying with the principles of good governance, we aim to enable sustainable growth.

Examples of activities and initiatives
The donation of used laptops and iPhones to a Ghanaian NGO (SDG1, no poverty), our active policy on more women in the top ranks (SDG5, gender equality) or the major refurbishment of our head office with sustainable and recycled materials (SDG12, responsible consumption and production) are examples of the activities we are actively involved in.

Other examples of initiatives with which we try to create impact are:

  • Facilitating home working with optimal flexibility in working hours
  • Stimulation of electric driving
  • Paper-free office
  • Reduction of energy consumption in our offices
  • Extensive training and development programmes
  • Relaxation and social activities, such as the Spain weekend, the Region Day, team building activities, table tennis competitions, etc.
  • CO2 certificates for flights.