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For a successful market implementation it is important to develop your innovation from both a technological as well as business perspective. The commercialization of innovation is often overlooked during the early development phases, despite its crucial importance. It is essential to consider business aspects alongside innovation development. EGEN offers you an innovation assessment in order to identify the current gaps in the development of your innovation. By means of this innovation assessment, a Go2Market roadmap is drafted which provides a clear structure for your (commercial) development process. This enables you to integrally account for technological as well as business aspects during the development of your innovation, which contributes to a successful market launch.

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Socio-economic analysis

A socio-economic analysis is conducted based on information that is provided by you regarding your innovation, the economic market, and prevailing regulations. The provided information is complemented with our expert knowledge of sustainable innovations as well as expert interviews. The socio-economic analysis identifies the most relevant market conditions that need to be integrated in your Go2Market strategy.

Innovation assessment

Our innovation assessment enables us to analyze your innovation by means of 8 innovation criteria. The assessment is conducted in the form of a questionnaire and identifies the main gaps in the development of your innovation. The valuable insights from the innovation assessment are used to draft a Go2Market strategy, which is tailored to your needs.

Go2Market Strategy

This roadmap provides a clear structure for the commercialisation process of your innovation. By means of the innovation assessment actions are defined that help to overcome current gaps in your innovation development. By implementing these actions the maturity of your innovation is increased which contributes to a successful market launch of your innovation.

Strategy implementation

Of course, the process doesn’t end when a Go2Market strategy is designed. If necessary, EGEN can also actively support you with the operationalization of your Go2Market strategy. Besides strategy development, EGEN offers multiple services that can help you implement your Go2Market strategy. These services include for example business modelling or value proposition workshops, market analysis, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, business plan and user-feedback workshops. If desired, we can connect you to relevant EGEN experts that can support you with the implementation of your Go2Market strategy.

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Innovation Accelerator

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