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Business modelling

Do you want more insight into how to make a success of your business? Or are you curious whether a certain project is profitable? Within our business modelling service, we draw up a business case or business plan together with you. This will give you more insight into ways of growing your business in a sustainable way. You will also see which projects you can start to help your company further.

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We start by mapping out your company’s strategy, the associated risks and ways to combat them. With this plan, we map out the internal financial perspectives, which forms the basis for business modelling.


We can also write a partial business plan or case, for example as a start of a grant application process. You share with us details about the market, competition and your financial status. We write the plan based on this information.


When writing a full business plan/case, EGEN collects the necessary information and creates an outline for the full plan. You can then give your feedback on this plan. We deliver the finished plan in the form of a written report.

Examples of

Business modelling

EGEN has extensive experience in preparing business plans and cases for various organisations, including:

CEF blending

As part of CEF Blending, we prepared business cases for several applications from Shell, BioLNG and GATX.

SNN Proeftuin


Van Wijnen


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