The necessity to transition to a sustainable world is clear. The road there almost always includes ‘innovation’. Storing energy. Less pressure on the environment. Alternative forms of mobility. These are just some of the many examples that are of great importance for a greener future. Companies, researchers and government in the Netherlands, Europe and anywhere else in the world make an effort to contribute to these challenges. That also means there are many innovation opportunities for you! 


The energy transition is a key component of creating a cleaner world. To achieve this, innovation needs to take place which contributes to generating sustainable energy, creating effective energy systems, and realising energy savings.  

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A sustainable world does not only mean waste is considered a resource. It also means food is sustainably produced and water is used consciously. Innovation is important to realise large environmental gains.  

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Whether it’s sustainable transport of goods and people, sustainable mobility infrastructure or smart mobility: these are all needed for the large-scale implementation of sustainable mobility strategies.  

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