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One of the main drivers for a green future is innovation. Fortunately, numerous organisations all around the world are aware of this. Creative start-ups, esteemed knowledge centres and MNEs are working on new solutions to help solve the big challenges of today. If you are one of them, you certainly want to be well informed about the latest innovation developments in your discipline. Wheesbee© unlocks all relevant innovation data for you. Worldwide and unlimited.


How does it work?

A subscription to Wheesbee gives you unlimited access to knowledge, IP and science databases all over the world. Its smart artificial intelligence based engine harvests, structures and analyses millions of documents, patents, scientific papers, funding programmes, web pages, R&D projects and company data into accessible information that is tailored to your needs.

Unlimited and real-time access to all major knowledge, IP and scientific databases in the world

100% adaptable to your user requirements

Clear output, directly usable in presentations, reports, etc.

Powerful artificial intelligence-based analysis tool

Wheesbee is developed by Innovation Engineering, another 100% subsidiary of PNO Group.

Be able to

See insights instantly

see immediately whether your idea is truly unique

see who your competitors are and what patents they hold

spot technologies that take your innovation forward

find out who the key players are in your technology field

benchmark your ideas against trends

find relevant scientific articles for further exploration

find partners and funding to make your innovation take off

All this from behind your own computer, in real time, clearly presented and manageable for multiple projects?

The R&D managers and innovation teams that have now discovered Wheesbee © cannot live without it! From SMEs to innovative multinationals: without exception, Wheesbee has increased their R&D efficiency and the return on their innovation investments.


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