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CEF Transport is a European financing instrument that aims to accelerate investment in Europe’s transport infrastructure. A new call for proposals is expected to open in September. That may still be a little while away – but remember that good preparation pays off!

Towards a sustainable transport infrastructure in Europe

CEF Transport, which is part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), is a financing instrument that supports the improvement and strengthening of the Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T).

By means of CEF Transport, the European Commission is building the core and comprehensive transport networks for goods and passengers in Europe. It is intended to connect all of the major hubs, transshipment terminals, ports, airports and cities. There is an increased focus on sustainable, safe and smart transport of goods and passengers.

CEF Transport themes are:

  • Providing solutions for missing links in the transport network.
  • Removing existing infrastructural bottlenecks.
  • Improving the connections between the railroad networks and transport services of member countries.
  • Improving cross-border infrastructure.
  • Improving the sustainability and efficiency of transport systems.
  • Making the switch to innovative, low-carbon, energy-efficient transport technologies.

Focus and budget

CEF Transport focuses on governments (national, provincial and municipal) and enterprises (port, industrial, logistics and service companies). The grant is intended for both studies and implementation projects.  

From 2021 to 2027, CEF Transport has more than 25.8 billion euros available to support European projects. Grant amounts can be up to 50% of project costs.

Application rounds

Each year, a new call for proposals for CEF Transport is published. The next call will probably open in September 2022.

The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility (AFIF), part of CEF Transport, focuses specifically on innovation and improvements in the European alternative fuels infrastructure. AFIF’s rolling call for proposals will remain in force until 2023, as long as budget remains available.

How can EGEN make a difference for you?

If you have ideas for a project that is a match for one of the CEF Transport themes, please tell us about them. The expected opening in September may still seem far away, but it is important to carefully prepare your grant application.  

We have already handled several successful CEF Transport grant applications and would be happy to help you too! Feel free to call us on +31 (0)88 838 13 81 or send us a message using the form below.

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