CEF-Energy launches call for European energy infrastructure

set 09-09-2021

This week, the European Commission launched a new grant round for energy projects under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF-Energy). The call is meant for projects that will help to improve Europe’s energy infrastructure. The budget is substantial: almost 800 million euro. The submission of proposals is possible until 19 October 2021. However, the bar is high, and applying is not for everyone.

Energy infrastructure crucial for climate transition

Energy infrastructure plays a key enabling role in the transition to a climate neutral economy. This was already evident in the 2019 European Green Deal. The brand-new call round from CEF-Energy is closely aligned with this observation. The call is particularly interesting for ‘solid’ parties involved in the European energy infrastructure, such as energy companies and operators of energy grids and smart grids.

Subsidy for trans-European energy networks

The recent CEF-Energy call offers grants for projects that contribute to improving Europe’s energy infrastructure. As mentioned, the bar is high here, as a project must:

  • contribute to the development of trans-European networks in the energy sector, and have a ‘common’ European interest (see explanation below);
  • have a high added value for decarbonization of the economy;
  • offer substantial socio-economic benefits and ensure greater solidarity between the EU Member States, but nevertheless do not yet receive sufficient funding from the market.

A ‘Project of Common Interest’ (PCI) refers to an official list of major European infrastructure projects, including: North-South electricity interconnections, the offshore electricity network in the Northern Seas, the Baltic Sea energy market, North-South gas interconnections, Oil supply connections in central Eastern Europe, Electricity Highways and Smart Grids.

What project types does CEF-Energy support?

The grants from CEF-Energy are for preparing and developing a PCI as described above (studies and works respectively). For clarification:

  • Studies: studies in the sense of CEF-Energy are aimed at preparing a PCI. For example: exploratory studies, feasibility studies, evaluation, testing and validation studies, and site surveys. But also other activities in preparation for defining and developing the PCI, and deciding on its funding.
  • Works: this involves project activities in the setting up of a PCI. More specifically, this involves the purchase, delivery and implementation of components, systems and services (including software), development, construction and installation activities, the delivery of installations, and the launch of a PCI.

Grant contribution, application deadline

The submission of project proposals for the CEF-Energy call is possible for a short time: from 7 September to 19 October 2021 (17:00 CET). Only the best project proposals will receive a grant. The grant will reimburse part of the project costs (usually up to 50%, sometimes more).


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