Grant Hydrogen in Mobility (SWiM)

Grant scheme for further development of hydrogen in mobility

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Intended start during the summer of 2024

Hydrogen in Mobility grant scheme

One of the goals of the Dutch Climate Agreement is to develop 50 hydrogen refuelling stations by the year 2050. Currently, our country has 14 public hydrogen refuelling stations, some of which are suitable for heavy road transport. Further scale-up and roll-out requires technology development, testing and investments. The gridlock between available refuelling infrastructure and vehicles is also a factor.

Previously, several grant instruments have been deployed, such as IPCEI Hydrogen (for applications in mobility and transport) and DKTI-Transport (hydrogen pilots). However, the (Dutch) government is currently working on a new ‘Temporary Grant Scheme Hydrogen In Mobility’. This page gives an overall impression of the plans.

In short

Hydrogen in Mobility overview

For whom?

Collaborating parties (consortia) from across the hydrogen chain (including hydrogen production, transport and distribution, refuelling infrastructure, truck manufacturers, shippers and transport companies) are envisaged.

How much?

The grant scheme is likely to start with a budget of 22 million euros. Further increases are obvious, as a multiple seems necessary to achieve the policy goals (KA and AFIR).

When to apply?

The planning for this new grant scheme originally amounted to: publication in the Government Gazette in January 2024 (and applications from 5 March 2024). However, preparations have been delayed. It is now expected that the scheme will open around 'summer 2024'.

For what?

The grant is intended for consortia with project proposals linking refuelling infrastructure and vehicles. The focus is on logistics and heavy road transport. A 'purchase grant' is envisaged, which will compensate for the uneconomic top of refuelling station and vehicle. The scheme will probably work according to the tender principle: projects with relatively the lowest grant demand (in euros per kg CO2) will be honoured first. Regional spread is also likely to be a factor into the assesment.

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“I am currently part of the Transport team, which focuses mainly on the transition to smart and sustainable mobility for passenger and freight transport. The great thing about this sector is that it quickly links to the energy transition, as ships, planes and trucks are switching to different/clean fuels.”

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Hydrogen in mobility conditions

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