Reduce CO2 emissions in the Dutch transport sector

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This scheme is currently closed, so application is not possible at the moment. A new application round is expected in spring 2023.

DKTI-transport in brief

The transport sector must become cleaner and greener to combat climate change. To accelerate this process, innovations are needed that focus on new emission-reducing technologies and products. Examples are ships that run on electricity or trucks that run on hydrogen. Are you developing an innovation with little or no CO2 emissions? Then you may be eligible for the DKTI-transport grant!

 For whom?

Enterprises and knowledge institutions

 For what?

CO2 reducing projects for the transport sector, such as:

  • experimental development
  • testing ground
  • feasibility study
  • innovation cluster
  • co-financing
  • learning by using

Grant budget and amounts

The scheme is currently closed. In 2021, the budget for DKTI-transport was almost 37 million euros. The grant amount depends on the type of project and the category of the means of transport.

DKTI-transport themes

  • electric driving and sailing
  • efficient road traffic
  • efficient ships
  • driving on hydrogen
  • mobile machines
  • heavy road traffic and aviation
  • biofuels in aviation

Terms of eligibility and criteria

  • One of the important conditions of DKTI-transport is that when you apply for the grant, you have not yet started working on the project.
  • DKTI-transport schemes offer grant opportunities for testing ground projects, experimental development projects and innovation clusters. Grant rounds usually take the form of a tender. The quality of the application is therefore very important.
  • Your solution is in the product development phase (‘technology readiness level’ 5 to 8).
  • You must present a strong business case and the innovation must be viable.
  • Do you want to receive the maximum grant percentage? Then cooperation with other parties in the form of a consortium is mandatory.
  • The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) assesses applications on the degree of innovation, impact, and implementation of the project.

Purpose of the grant

The purpose of the grant is to accelerate strong, green innovations in the transport sector. The emphasis is on developing, testing, and demonstrating new emission-reducing techniques and other climate innovations.

Types of projects

The DKTI-transport grant scheme supports various project types:

  • experimental development
  • testing ground
  • feasibility study
  • innovation cluster
  • co-financing
  • learning by using – the aim being to gain and share experience with the wider deployment of zero-emission vehicles in freight transport (electric, hydrogen, or the cleanest hybrid variants).

I am currently part of the Transport team, which focuses mainly on the transition to smart and sustainable mobility for passenger and freight transport. The great thing about this sector is that it quickly links to the energy transition, as ships, planes and trucks are switching to different/clean fuels.

maurits simons
maurits simons

I’m a part of the Transportation team, which mainly focusses on the transition to smart and sustainable mobility for transportation of people and goods. The best thing about this sector is that it is connected to the energy transition, because ships, planes and trucks are moving towards other/cleaner fuels. 


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