Working on innovative concepts for zero-emission vehicles

EGEN successfully guided the grant application processes of two DKTI-transport projects: VERZET and FUNDA(ce)MENT. Both projects aim to develop innovative construction logistics concepts for zero-emission vehicles. To ensure compliance with the grant obligations, EGEN’s sister company ffiqs now supports the two project consortia.

DKTI-transport in brief

DKTI-transport is a Dutch grant scheme that supports a wide range of sustainable transport projects. The scheme focuses on logistics and transport with low or no CO2 emissions, and on themes such as electric driving and sailing, driving on hydrogen and biofuels in transport, mobile machines, heavy road traffic and aviation. A new application round is expected in spring 2023 (or later).

DKTI-transport project: VERZET

The goal of VERZET’s consortium partners is to jointly achieve a practical implementable zero-emission construction logistics concept for heavy material flows, suitable for any Dutch inner city. VERZET demonstrates for a representative fleet that daily operation without radius limitations is possible. In the process, work is underway to develop an innovative, all-electric crane truck and a zero-emission stone puller.

The project consortium consists of: Vlot Logistics, P van der Velden bedrijfswagens B.V., Emoss Mobile Systems, TNO and Breytner B.V. Together, they are proving with the VERZET project that, thanks to the right mix of smart vehicle and fast charging technology, zero-emission construction logistics can become a reality in the short term. The project’s practical demonstration will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where 30% of business traffic is accounted for by construction.

The results of VERZET will contribute to the further development of sustainable mobility policies by local, regional and national governments alike.

DKTI-transport project: FUNDA(ce)MENT

The FUNDA(ce)MENT project, which partly builds on VERZET, aims to demonstrate that vehicle technology is ready for the rollout to diverse zero-emission construction equipment. In addition, the consortium partners provide convincing evidence that it is possible to carry out the inner-city housing task completely emission-free through new (smart) construction logistics concepts. Possible solutions they have for this are:

  • the deployment of mobile fast charging infrastructure;
  • integrating fast charging into logistics planning;
  • the deployment of a construction hub on the edge of the local environmental zone.

The project consortium consists of: Vlot Logistics, P. van der Velden Lease, Emoss Mobile Systems, TNO, Cementbouw Betonmortel and Dura Vermeer Bouw Zuid West B.V. In this project, the practical demonstration will also take place in Rotterdam, between the construction hub on the edge of the environmental zone, a concrete plant, a vehicle rental location and a construction site in the city centre.

The FUNDA(ce)MENT project will result in several full-scale prototypes of zero-emission construction logistics vehicles, such as a hook-lift truck or a self-supporting dump trailer, and in investments in both zero-emission construction equipment and mobile fast charging infrastructure.

The roles of EGEN and ffiqs

VERZET and FUNDA(ce)MENT both received the DKTI-transport grant. The application processes were successfully guided by EGEN.

To ensure that both projects comply with the grant obligations, project leader Vlot Logistics engaged ffiqs, like EGEN part of PNO Group. During the two-year term of the projects, the consultants of ffiqs support the two consortia with various tasks so that the grant administration is in order and fully compliant. In addition, ffiqs helps Vlot Logistics with drafting progress reports, organising and chairing consortium meetings and drafting determination and modification requests.

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