DEI+ grant seeks ‘hydrogen and green chemical industry’ pilots and demonstration projects

Published on: 26 June 2023 | Last edited on: 5 July 2023

The DEI+ grant program starts another special grant round on 3 July for innovations in hydrogen and green chemistry. This year a budget of 40 million euros is available (in 2022: 30 million). Moreover, a very interesting new grant theme has been added. In this article we give a quick update. But please note: apply for grants as long as the budget lasts!

DEI+ round of grants for ‘hydrogen and green chemical industry’

DEI+ has been the most important Dutch grant scheme for carbon reduction pilot and demonstration projects for many years. The scheme is broad in scope and allows for different technology themes. One of those themes is “Hydrogen & Green Chemistry. Thereby, the DEI+ offers specific grant opportunities for entrepreneurs working on innovations in the field of hydrogen (or parties involved as end users). As with the regular DEI+ scheme, the grant is mainly for projects in the form of a pilot or demonstration project. In 2023, however, grants are also possible for test and research infrastructure around hydrogen and green chemistry (see the description of the themes below).

For which hydrogen themes is the grant available?

The DEI+ round of grants for ‘hydrogen and green chemical industry’ is detailed in four themes. To request a grant, a project must be a good match for one of these themes. These are:

  • Production of green hydrogen via water electrolysisInteresting for innovative pilots and demonstration projects (e.g. focusing on innovations such as HT electrolysis, pulse technology or anion exchange membrane electrolysis).
  • Transport and storage of hydrogen (carriers).For this, they are looking for projects focused on large-scale energy storage and/or conversion to other hydrogen carriers and/or products (such as LOHC, ammonia or methanol).
  • Using hydrogen (carriers) and green electrons. To this end, large-scale applications of hydrogen as a fuel (including in industrial processes) or as a feedstock (such as chemicals, plastics, fertilizers) are sought.
  • Testing and experimentation infrastructure projects. This new(!) theme offers opportunities for building and/or upgrading joint test and experimentation infrastructure for hydrogen innovations, technologies and applications.

Important grant conditions

Projects that fit the above themes may, in general, qualify for the grant. However, a project must meet several grant conditions. For example, a project must start within six months of the grant decision (earlier is not allowed) and may have a maximum duration of four years. Cooperation in a project is allowed (not required) and is usually considered a plus. There are also several more specific conditions, which also depend on the type of project. Our experts will be happy to tell you more about them.

Grant amounts and application periods

The DEI+ ‘hydrogen and green chemical industry’ call for proposals has a total grant budget of 40 million euros and is open for applications from 3 July 2023 until 25 June 2024 at the latest. You should be aware that the grants will be awarded by order of receipt and for as long as the budget lasts.

The grant comprises a contribution towards the project costs, which can amount to a grant of up to 15 million euros per project. For pilot projects, the grant usually reimburses 25% of the costs. Around 40% is reimbursed for demonstration projects, with the additional costs being similar to a reference investment. In both cases, increases of 10-20% are possible if small or medium-sized enterprises are involved.

What can EGEN do for you?

The EGEN experts are well-informed of the latest hydrogen developments, whether this concerns innovations, practical experiments or grant options. We would be delighted to help those working on new hydrogen innovations. If you would like to know more about our services, feel free to call us on +31 (0)88-838 13 81 or send us a message via the contact form below.

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