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Heat Infrastructure Grant (WIS)

Soon, the long-awaited Dutch ‘heat network investment grant’, sometimes also announced as heat infrastructure grant, or the Climate Fund’s ‘social investment grant for heat networks’ will start. For the sake of convenience, we will stick with the WIS grant for now.

In short

WIS overview

For whom?

Heat companies, investors in new heat networks in existing buildings.

When to apply?

We expect the grant scheme to be officially published in the Government Gazette first quarter 2023. The first round of grants is then likely to start in May 2023.

How much?

The budget for the 2023-2024 period is estimated at 200 million euros.

The grant reimburses a maximum of 45% of the investment costs of the heat network. This is further subject to a maximum of 6,000 euros per connection.

For what?

The grant is intended as an incentive to bridge the 'unprofitable top' of heat network investments (the difference between investment costs and operating profit).

Overview of

WIS categories

Little is yet known about the systematics of the WIS and possible grant categories. However, we do expect these to be key elements of the new scheme:

  • focus on existing construction (efficient and with a view to scaling up)
  • new buildings can be part of a larger project, but will not receive a grant
  • the scheme rewards well-developed business cases and ‘mature’ projects
  • BAK of zero euro so that other grants can be used for in-house costs.
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WIS Grant Criteria

Certainty about the exact grant conditions and further details will only be available once the grant scheme is officially published in the Government Gazette (expected February/March 2023). Any questions now? Our experts are closely following the preparations and will be the first to know about the latest developments.


Purpose of the WIS grant

The aim of the grant is to accelerate the construction of new heat networks in existing buildings. This is done by providing investment grant for heat companies.

Incidentally, other grant schemes may also be interesting for heat networks. These include SDE++, EIA, ISDE and SAH, among others. EGEN can make an analysis of these possibilities and provide an indication of the maximum grant proceeds for each business case.

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