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Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the name of the European multiannual programme for research, development, and innovation. It is the successor to the earlier programme Horizon 2020 and will run from 2021-2027. The programme is made up of a large number of sub-programmes each with their own funding round, conditions and application deadlines.

In short

Horizon Europe overview

For whom?

Horizon Europe is open to organisations based in the EU Member States and in associated countries. From start-ups, SMEs, universities and research institutes to large enterprises and governments. However, the bar is high: all projects are evaluated against their excellence, impact and quality of implementation and only the highest ranked ones are selected. Many ‘grant calls’ require the cooperation of at least three parties from three different countries.’

How much?

Horizon Europe 2021-2027 has a total budget of over EUR 95 billion.

Overview of

Horizon Europe themes

At EGEN, we are particularly focussed on innovations that fit in with the following three thematic ‘clusters’ of Horizon Europe:

  • Cluster 4 (‘Digital, industry and space’) targets digitalisation and more efficient industrial processes. EGEN specifically focusses on the industrial processes.
  • Cluster 5 (‘Climate, energy and mobility’) targets a climate neutral Europe by 2050, and supports innovation projects that contribute to a faster transition towards making the European energy and mobility sector more climate and environmentally friendly.
  • Cluster 6 (‘Food, bio-economy, natural resources, agriculture and environment’) finances innovation projects focusing on areas such as biodiversity, ecosystem services, food systems, agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, circular economy and climate change.

Here you can find the European Commission’s tool, already filtered to only show open calls in these three clusters. Use the search function to locate the calls you’re interested in and get in touch with EGEN to discuss those.

Horizon Europe themes

Why this grant?

Purpose of Horizon Europe

The objectives of Horizon Europe are based on three policy pillars:

  1. stimulating excellent research,
  2. tackling major European challenges and
  3. promoting the European ‘innovation climate’.

These objectives are further elaborated in various programmes around several thematic clusters. These themes include Environment, Health, Food, Safety, Mobility and Energy, among others.

“For many years EGEN has provided a wide range of innovation services for multiple Horizon 2020, Framework Programmes, and Intelligent Energy Europe projects. Our services ensure a high-quality subsidy application process and the smooth implementation of projects that add real value. The new Horizon Europe programme offers huge opportunities for innovation across the sector.”

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What is the Horizon Europe grant for?

Types of projects

Horizon Europe splits the various opportunities to apply for a subsidy into different call rounds (tenders / calls for proposals). Some common project types are:

  • Research and Innovation Actions (RIA): research projects aimed at the initial development of new state-of-the-art knowledge and technology. Projects need to exactly match or address the described challenges. The subsidy percentage is 100%.
  • Innovation Actions (IA): innovation projects in a more advanced stage (closer to the market, such as practical demonstrations or upscaling). The subsidy is then 60-70% of the project costs (excl. non-for-profit organisations which are still eligible for 100% funding).
  • Coordination and Support Actions (CSA): tackling sectoral issues, setting up excellent international networks in the field of research, innovation and education, etc. The subsidy percentage is 100%.


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The specialists at EGEN can assist you at all stages of your Horizon Europe project. Together we ensure that ideas translate into a successful and impactful project. Our green services:


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