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Insights into an optimal bidding strategy 

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    Strategic insights for a successful and assumption-based bidding decision  

    The European Hydrogen Bank Auction is a competitive instrument supporting the production of renewable hydrogen within the EEA. The main difference of the EHB Auction scheme compared to other EU grant calls is the importance of defining the right bid price, the main criterion of evaluation. The bid price is not necessarily the funding gap of your project. Defining a successful bid price requires a complex decision-making process which involves insights from the market and estimations of the potential competitors that could apply in the same round. EGEN’s report will give you clear and easy-to-understand strategic insights on the specific auction round that will help you make an assumption-based bidding decision that is not only low enough to be successful, but also as high as your project’s boundaries allow, so you can take the most out of your participation in the auction. 

    What is in the report?

    About the EHB intelligence report 

    EGEN provides you the necessary insights for a successful bidding strategy via the EHB Intelligence report which is updated for each call. The report will provide you insights on: 
    The European Hydrogen Bank auction call 
    Previous budget claims within the EHB auction 
    The estimated winning bid range and budget claim of the upcoming auction round 
    The eligible hydrogen project landscape 
    Further tailored insights, e.g. analysis for national funding windows, can be requested.  

    Why this report?

    With our EHB Intelligence report you will be able to: 

    Make an optimal decision on your project’s bidding strategy. 
    Gain data driven, statistical insights from analysing over 1.000 relevant green hydrogen projects  
    Facilitate an informed internal decision making process on your project’s bidding strategy. 
    In addition to the report, EGEN can support you in performing the required calculations, structuring and writing convincing documents as well as managing the overall application process. 
    Quote Niels SDE++ Market Intelligence Study

    “At EGEN, my primary objective is to guide our clients towards achieving successful funding applications.  The EHB Intelligence report is one of the instrument to achieve such goal.” 

    -Carol Trisorio, Consultant at EGEN 

    Quote Niels SDE++ Market Intelligence Study

    “Having a positive impact on the environment and our societies has been the driving force behind my involvement with the renewable energy sector. At EGEN, I manage projects in the fields of smart energy, renewable energy market and system integration, flexibility, and decentralised energy resources.” 

    -Thomas Maidonis, Senior Consultant at EGEN

    Quote Niels SDE++ Market Intelligence Study

    “My work mainly focuses on topics such as circular economy, sustainable innovations and the financial aspects of sustainability. These sectors offer exciting opportunities within the context of the energy transition, which makes my work extra interesting.” 

    -Jeroen Baardolf, Consultant at EGEN

    Quote Niels SDE++ Market Intelligence Study

    At EGEN, I work on large scale renewable energy projects, including hydrogen production. Developing solid business cases that combine market income and grants is very important. “ 

    Niels Schoorlemmer, Senior Consultant at EGEN

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    About EGEN

    Innovation and sustainability are in our DNA, realising a green future is in our heart. As innovation experts, we lead the way in the energy, environment and mobility sectors. A more sustainable world: that is what we stand for. Not only for the current generation, but also for generations to come! 

    Over the years, EGEN has worked on a wide variety of green innovation projects. Since 2016, we have  supported over 200 applications with our strategic reports on bidding prices for auctions in the field of hydrogen and renewable energy sources. 

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    What is a EHB intelligence report?

    An EHB intelligence report is a document that by provides qualitative and quantitative insights on the European Hydrogen Bank Auction call. 

    For whom is the EHB intelligence report?

    The EHB intelligence report can be valuable for different clients. On one hand, for companies and project developers aiming at applying to the European Hydrogen Bank Auction call. On the other hand, for companies that want to know more about the hydrogen production projects in the EEA. 

    Where do EGEN collect the data for this EHB intelligence report?

    Our report combines data from three type of sources: 

    • Reliable and renown institutions and associations in the energy sector, among others the International Energy Agency (IEA), the European Hydrogen Observatory, Hydrogen Europe, the European Commission/CINEA, 
    • Project specific webpages and press releases 
    • EGEN internal expertise and know how. 

    Does EGEN also offers personal consultant or advice?

    The EHB intelligence report can be either purchased as a standalone document or as part of EGEN’s wider range of services to support your EHB application. For more information on our EHB project and application support services please visit the European Hydrogen Bank page.

    Are there any costs charges for this EHB intelligence report?

    Yes. Our consultant will discuss the costs with you once you have filled out the form for interest. 

    More information about the European Hydrogen Bank Intelligence Report

    More information about the EHB Intelligence Report? Do you need valuable insights to determine your EHB bidding strategy? Then ask for more information about our EHB Intelligence Report. The report is particularly interesting to project developers working on renewable hydrogen production. 

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