Robbert Messing

I am actively involved in projects that support the implementation of the circular economy and sustainable technologies and processes as a consultant at EGEN, where I work in the environmental cluster. My interest also touches upon the energy and transportation clusters because I have a background in sustainability and innovation. Projects that aim to overcome the large societal problems we currently face often are in need of a cross-sectoral approach which we offer at EGEN. 

Working at EGEN means that I can help companies accelerate their innovative projects, ranging from reducing carbon footprints to radical new production processes, every day. Through the realisation of these projects, I can contribute to a more future-proof, sustainable world. I am a very energetic and positive person which is reflected in the ambitious and motivated team that I work in! As part of that team, we strive to realise sustainable projects. 

Outside of work I am often biking at the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, fermenting my own kombucha, kimchi and beer or meeting up with friends!


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