Horizon Europe deadlines coming up soon: fast action needed

The EGEN experts recently went through a number of Horizon Europe calls and found various interesting ones for organisations with activities in Cluster 4 and 6. These calls – in the field of circular bioeconomy, circular cities & regions and industrial (urban) symbiosis have deadlines at the end of March or April 2023. So don’t miss your chance if you’re interested!

What is Horizon Europe?

Horizon Europe is the multiannual programme from the European Commission that funds research, development and innovation through different Pillars that focus on different target audiences and topics. Horizon Europe also recently introduced EU Missions that target support to specific priorities from the Commission. There is a dedicated Horizon Europe page for more information on the programme.

Within Pillar II, Horizon Europe looks into different thematic clusters that are aligned with the interest and expertise of the EGEN consultants. With EGEN working on accelerating green innovation in Energy, Mobility and Environment markets, the team is particularly interested in the following Horizon Clusters:

  • Cluster 4 Digital, Industry & Space
  • Cluster 5 Climate, Energy & Mobility
  • Cluster 6 Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment.

Environment team: focus on Clusters 4 and 6

Within EGEN the Environment team is active in specific thematic areas covered by Cluster 4 Digital, Industry & Space particularly the Hubs for Circularity (H4C) concept. For example, EGEN is one of the partners in the Hubs4Circularity Europe project which is a flagship initiative to advance the research and innovation agenda of European industries towards the objectives of the Green Deal.

Our environment experts are also active in different topics of Cluster 6 Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment. Cluster 6 aims to ‘provide opportunities to enhance and balance environmental, social and economic goals and to set human economic activities on a path towards sustainability.’ This aim is supported by seven destinations that focus on topics of:

  • biodiversity and ecosystem preservation
  • sustainable food systems
  • circular and bioeconomy sectors
  • clean environment and zero pollution
  • climate action through carbon sinks and adaptation
  • resilient and green communities in specific territories (rural, coastal, and urban)
  • governance innovation to support the European Green Deal.

Want to know more? Download the factsheet!

The experts at EGEN are more than happy to hear from organisations that are working in the field of circular bioeconomy, circular cities & regions and industrial (urban) symbiosis. We have extensive experience in these areas and look forward to telling you more about the upcoming Horizon Europe deadlines. To this end we created a factsheet with more details. Are you interested in the above mentioned topics? Download the factsheet!

We realize very well that the late March/ April deadlines are coming up very quickly, but there are similar calls with deadlines in October and later that might also be interesting to you. We will address these calls later.

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