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TSE Industry Research & Development (TSE Industry R&D)

TSE Industry Research & Development (TSE Industrie Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling, O&O) is part of the Dutch Top Sector Energy (TSE) programme and is a grant scheme for collaborative projects aimed at industrial research and experimental development.

Note: from 2024, the R&D scheme is part of the EKOO. This is a new programme in which several previous TSE grant components have been merged and included as separate ‘themes. They are: TSE Industry R&D, TSE Built Environment, Wind at Sea R&D projects, System Integration, and a new Circular Economy component.

Overview of

TSE Industry R&D themes

In any case, a project must connect to the following themes and goals, among others: 

  • Closing industrial chains (projects must relate to an innovation that covers the entire chain, including residual flows).
  • A CO2-free and energy-efficient industry (through technical innovations aimed at energy reuse, replacement of fossil energy carriers, and production of green hydrogen via electrolysis).
  • Impactful chain and system change towards circular carbon and electrification (through innovations for the industry sector with first market application in 2034).
Vrouwelijke onderzoeker

In short

TSE Industry R&D overview

For whom?

Enterprises (consortia)

When to apply?

Grant applications can only be submitted within official rounds. The R&D programme will have two application rounds in 2024:

  • a) ‘TSE Industry R&D’ section: open from 1 April to 14 May 2024. This concerns R&D projects around innovations that contribute to the transition to a climate-neutral circular industry, ensure CO2 reduction and are market-ready within 10 years.
  • b) ‘Circular Economy’ component: open from 7 May to 15 August 2024. This component was previously known as ‘Short-term projects on circular economy’. This concerns R&D projects aimed at innovative circular products (including processes and services) that can lead to a first application in the Netherlands within 10 years of the project start and that cannot (yet) be taken up by a large-scale consortium.

NB: both rounds work according to the tender system (submitted projects are compared with each other: the best receive funding).

How much?

The available grant budget for the 2024 application rounds is €3 million (for the application round of strand a) and €2.5 million (strand b), respectively. The grant reimburses part of the project costs. Typically, it is 50% to 60% for SMEs, and 40% for large companies. However, several exceptions to this are possible. The grant can amount to a maximum of €500,000 per project.

For what?

Development of sustainable products and services for industry.

Meet the requirements

TSE Industry R&D Criteria

Various terms of eligibility apply to this grant scheme, including the following:

Only a partnership may apply. The partnership must include at least one enterprise.

A project may run for up to four years.

No grant is possible for innovations that fit better within another subsidy scheme. Such as pilot and demonstration projects (DEI+ grant), large innovation projects (MOOI) , or fundamental research (NWO/PPS).

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Is your company involved in R&D projects relating to the above themes and would you like to know whether there are opportunities for you within this tender scheme? The EGEN consultants have vast experience with these kinds of processes and will be happy to help you. They can tell you more about the terms of eligibility, help you form a good consortium and optimise your grant application.

“I am responsible for the collaboration with many of EGEN’s clients, mainly in the environmental sector. I am a person with a positive approach (the glass is half full!) who likes challenges and results.”

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