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Top Sector Energy grant scheme

Are you a business owner operating in the industrial sector who would like to investigate the viability of an innovative pilot project or demonstration project that can reduce carbon emissions – and save money in the process – by 2030? If you meet this criterion, you are eligible to apply for a grant under the Top Sector Energy (TSE) Industry Studies grant scheme. This Dutch scheme is part of the Top Sector Energy programme and covers research projects related to energy and climate innovations.

In short

TSE Industry Studies overview

For whom?

The scheme is open to companies operating in the chemical industry and other energy-intensive industries (including both small and medium-sized enterprises and corporates)

When to apply?

Applications for these grants can be made from 1 May 2024 to 31 March 2025 at the latest. Please note that applications can be made as long as the budget lasts ('first come, first served'). Note: for this round, the themes and conditions below may still be refined

How much?

The budget for the 2024-2025 grant round is €26.4 million for the programme line 'CO2 reduction (other than Hydrogen and Green Chemistry)' and €10 million for the programme line 'CO2 reduction by Hydrogen and Green Chemistry'.

The grant will compensate up to 50% of the project costs, and may reach a grant sum of up to 2 million euros per study/project.

For all types of studies, medium-sized enterprises are eligible to receive a 10% higher grant, while small enterprises are entitled to an additional 20% for their grant.

For what?

The grants are intended for conducting preparatory studies and, as such, not for the actual implementation of a pilot project or demonstration project

Overview of

TSE Industry Studies themes

  • Closed-loop industrial supply chains – innovations in industrial supply chains, with a focus on waste streams.
  • Carbon-free industrial heating system – design, organisation and reorganisation of climate-neutral energy and heating systems.
  • Maximum electrification and radically upgraded processes – knowledge development and cost-effective innovations for comprehensive climate-neutral production processes by 2050.
  • CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage) – capture, transport, reuse and permanent storage of carbon.
  • Other carbon-efficiency measures – carbon-efficiency measures in the industrial sector, not included under topics 1-4.
  • Environmental investment in mature technologies – environmental studies to prepare for investments in mature technologies.
    NB: the ‘Hydrogen and Green Chemistry’ theme involves (techno-economic) feasibility studies focused on water-electrolysis technology, transport/storage of hydrogen, application of hydrogen, or production of electrolysers/components.
tse industrie studies themas

Meet the requirements

TSE Industry Studies criteria

The following main terms of eligibility apply to TSE Industry Studies:

The study must be conducted by a company or a partnership comprising at least one company.

Local (i.e. provincial and municipal) governments are eligible to participate in projects, but are not eligible to receive a grant themselves.

The duration of a study must not exceed one year.

Projects must commence within six months of the grant allocation decision.

Projects may not have commenced prior to submission of the grant application.

If any of the members of a partnership is a research organisation, a signed partnership agreement must be in place before the project activities are to commence.

windmolen met schoorsteen

What is the TSE Industry Studies grant for?

Types of research projects

Under this scheme, you can apply for grants for three types of research projects (studies):

  • Feasibility study – preparatory study into a pilot project’s feasibility. The proposed pilot project must be a trial project as part of which innovative carbon-efficiency measures are tested in a real-world setting and must also involve R&D efforts and experimental development.
  • Environmental study – a study to prepare for a company’s environmental investments. The proposed investment may relate to a new technology for a practical application. However, it can also involve researching the proposed environmental investments in a proven/mature technology.
  • Comparable study – these studies also prepare for environmental investments in a demonstration project but they focus specifically on investments that do not fall under the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) (e.g. advanced biofuels or CCU).


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What can EGEN do for you?

If your company operates within the industry and you have strong ideas or plans for innovative new technologies in the areas listed above, we will be pleased to explore grant options with you under the TSE Industry Studies grant scheme. Alternatively, we can investigate opportunities available under any of the other grant schemes as part of the Top Sector Energy programme. Our energy experts can advise you on the most advantageous grant opportunities for each project stage or stage of innovation. Feel free to call us on +31 (0)88 838 13 81 or send us a message using the form below.

“I am responsible for the collaboration with many of EGEN’s clients, mainly in the environmental sector. I am a person with a positive approach (the glass is half full!) who likes challenges and results.”

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