Sustainable Shipbuilding Grant

Build or convert an inland or sea-going vessel and contribute to sustainable development in the Netherlands 

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Sustainable shipbuilding

Subsidy for Sustainable Innovative Shipbuilding (SDS)

The Dutch Sustainable Shipbuilding Grant (also known as “Sustainable Innovative Shipbuilding grant module”) encourages innovations for the construction/conversion of inland vessels, ocean-going vessels and offshore structures. The focus is on new, experimental technologies in the areas of sustainability, emission reduction, alternative fuels and noise reduction. The scheme was actually scheduled to end in May 2023, but has been extended by 1 year due to a new round of set-up.

In short

SDS overview

For whom?


When to apply

The 2023 application round is open from 6 May to 6 September 2023 (5 p.m.). Applications will be processed according to the tender principle.

How much?

The grant amounts to 25% of eligible costs, with a maximum of 1.25 million euros. The grant budget for 2023 is 2.3 million euros.

For what?

Shipbuilding innovation projects that are aimed at:

  • the development and design of a new class of ship or a new class of floating and moving offshore construction
  • the development of a new component of a ship or a floating and moving offshore construction

Why this grant?

Purpose of SDS

The purpose of the SDS is to contribute to the stimulation of innovative ways to achieve sustainability in shipbuilding. To this end it supports shipbuilding innovation projects aimed at experimental development in the (re)building of a ship or floating offshore construction.
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Assessment criteria

SDS tender procedure

The SDS is awarded through a tender procedure, so that the best projects receive a grant. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) assesses and ranks applications on the basis of the following criteria:


  • innovative content of the shipbuilding project
  • contribution of the shipbuilding innovation project to making shipping more sustainable
  • economic potential and application possibilities (for the Dutch economy)
  • general quality of the application

Overview of

SDS themes


  • emission reduction 
  • alternative fuels 
  • noise reduction 
  • sustainable life cycle 
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Meet all requirements

SDS criteria

The ship to be (re-)built is a seagoing or inland navigation ship with a gross weight of at least 100 tonnes, intended for the transport of passengers or goods or for the performance of a special service.

Fishing vessels are not eligible.

Fishing vessels are not eligible.

The applicant for the grant – the shipyard – may not conclude a contract with the client for the (re)building of a ship or floating offshore construction before applying for the grant. The parties may, however, sign a letter of intent.



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