New VEKI grant round open for applications

Are you a Dutch industrial company, planning to invest in CO₂ reducing measures that have been proven to work? Then you may be eligible for the VEKI grant. The most recent application round started on 22 June. Submission of grant applications is possible as long as the budget lasts.

The VEKI grant in brief

The VEKI grant scheme helps Dutch industrial companies to invest in the reduction of CO2 emissions or other greenhouse gases. The name VEKI stands for Accelerated Climate Investments in Industry (in Dutch: Versnelde klimaatinvesteringen in de industrie).

The VEKI scheme is very interesting for companies that are planning investments in:

  • energy efficiency
  • recycling and reuse of waste
  • local infrastructure
  • other CO₂ reducing measures.

However, the grant is only possible for investments in devices, systems or techniques that are considered ‘proven technology’ and are ready for the market (VEKI does not support pilot of demonstration projects).

Some important grant conditions

When applying for the VEKI subsidy, various conditions apply. To name a few:

  • Only Dutch industrial companies can apply for a VEKI grant. The project must be carried out at the company’s own expense and risk.
  • No obligations may have yet been entered into when the VEKI application is submitted.
  • The project investments must have a payback period (without grant support) of more than five years.
  • The project must be ready to start within six months and must be completed within a period of three years.

Grants, budget and deadline

VEKI grants can amount to 30 to 70 percent of the eligible costs, with a maximum of 15 million euros per project. Applications can be submitted only during official rounds. The current application round runs from 22 June 2022 until 10 January 2023 (at the latest). However: applications are processed on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis and only as long as the budget allows (47.5 million euros)!

Are you considering applying for a VEKI grant? Then don’t wait too long and contact us ASAP! The VEKI experts at EGEN are happy to help you prepare an optimal application.

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