Horizon Europe Cluster 5 ‘Climate, Energy and Mobility’


What is the goal of Cluster 5?

Horizon Europe Cluster 5 ‘Climate, Energy and Mobility’ is the second largest in size with a budget of 15.1 billion euros. The goal is to speed up green and digital transitions and associated transformations of the economy, industry and society to achieve climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. It also wants to make Europe the first digitally-led circular, climate-neutral and sustainable economy by transforming its mobility, energy, building and production systems.

What projects are funded?

Cluster 5 funds projects that contribute to research and innovative solutions that focus on:

  • climate science and solutions
  • energy supply
  • energy systems and grids
  • buildings and industrial facilities in energy transition
  • communities and cities
  • industrial competitiveness in transport
  • clean, safe and accessible transport and mobility
  • smart mobility
  • energy storage.


Cluster 5 has deadlines throughout 2022.

How can EGEN help you?

For many years EGEN has provided a wide range of innovation services for multiple Horizon 2020 projects. Our services ensure a high-quality grant application process and the smooth implementation of projects that add real value. The new Horizon Europe programme offers huge opportunities for innovation across the sector. With a success rate of more than twice the market average in Horizon 2020, we are happy to serve you in the Horizon Europe programme.

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