Clean Hydrogen Partnership launches hydrogen research call for proposals 2022

Published on: 8 March 2022 | Last edited on: 8 August 2022

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership recently launched its hydrogen research call for proposals 2022. It will make 300.5 million euros available for proposed projects to support the creation of cutting-edge hydrogen technologies. The first deadline is on 31 May 2022.

What is the Clean Hydrogen Partnership?

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership is a European public private partnership for Hydrogen Technologies that supports research and innovation activities in hydrogen technologies in Europe. It is set up in the form of an institutionalised partnership under Horizon Europe. Its main goal is to contribute to the EU Green Deal and Hydrogen Strategy through funding of research and innovation activities. The partnership consists of three members, namely the European Commission, Hydrogen Europe representing the fuel cell and hydrogen industries and Hydrogen Europe Research that represents the research community. Among the main focus areas are renewable hydrogen production, hydrogen transmission, distribution and storage, fuel cell end-use technologies in transport and buildings and industry.

Who can apply?

The hydrogen research call for proposals is  open to all types of organisations from EU Member States and Associated Countries. From start-ups, SMEs, universities and research organisations to large corporations. The EU sets the bar high, because only the most innovative projects receive funding. In addition, many calls require the cooperation of at least three parties from three different countries. EGEN, with its extensive European network, will be happy to help you find suitable project partners for your consortium.

Which topics qualify?

A huge number of topics, 41 to be precise, is part of the call for proposals and the division will be as follows:

  • Hydrogen Storage and Distribution (11)
  • Renewable Hydrogen Production (10)
  • Transport (8)
  • Cross-cutting (5)
  • Heat and Power (4)
  • Hydrogen Valleys (2)
  • Strategic Research challenge (1).

For the first application round there will be funding available for 26 topics such as: development of specific aviation cryogenic storage system with a gauging, fuel metering, heat management and monitoring system; development of low temperature water electrolysers for highly pressurised hydrogen production; increased hydrogen capacity of GH 2 road trailers.

For the second application round there will be funding available for 15 topics such as: compatibility of distribution non-steel metallic gas grid materials with hydrogen; demonstrating offshore production of green hydrogen; hydrogen valleys (small-scale).

Funding up to 100%

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership will group all topics into 10 Innovation Actions (IA) (of which 6 are flagship projects (strategic importance!) covering renewable hydrogen production, transport applications and hydrogen valleys); 29 Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and 2 Coordination and Support Action (CSA).

Funding is available up to 100% of the eligible costs:

  • Research and Innovation Actions: activities aiming to establish new knowledge (Early Stage Research Actions) and/or to explore the feasibility of a new or improved technology, product, process, service or solution (Development Stage Research Actions). Such actions target in general lower Technology Readiness Level (TRL) (funding rate: 100%).
  • Innovation Actions: activities aimed at producing plans and arrangement or designs for new, altered or improved products, processes or services, and will include prototypes, demonstrations or pilot, and market replication activities. Projects may include limited research and innovation activities and have in general a higher TRL (funding rate: 70% (except for non-profit legal entities, where a rate of up to 100% applies)).
  • Coordination and Support Actions: consist of among other things measures such as standardisation, dissemination, awareness raising and communication, networking, coordination or support services, and studies (funding rate: 100%).

Budget and deadlines

The total available budget for the 2022 call for proposals is over 300.5 million euros and will be divided as follows:

  • first application round (single-stage) opens 31 March and closes 31 May: total budget of 179.5 million euros
  • second application round (single-stage) opens 31 March and closes 20 September: total budget of 121.0 million euros.

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