Charting the innovation landscape with Wheesbee

Projects, patents, scientific articles, partnerships, grant schemes… this dizzying and seemingly infinite array of sources can be overwhelming for innovative organisations to navigate. In fact, it seems virtually impossible, especially if you’re not confined to national boundaries and your playing field is the entire world. Or is it really not as impossible as it seems, in our data-driven era? Could there be a way to strategically explore today’s innovation landscape?

You seek to be a force of innovation, but how do you find your way around?

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur with ideas for an innovative new product, and you start working out your plans. But before you pursue this any further, you need to know you’re not wasting your time and energy. You need to find out if other businesspeople are already involved in something similar and may have already done some of the R&D legwork. Who knows, they might have developed and patented a product similar to yours. You’d also like to know if there are other entrepreneurs and research institutions out there who could be your partners in innovation. There might even be grants or other funding available to support your idea – in your own country, in Europe, or around the world.

Sure, you’re aware that there are numerous databases out there. But did you know that they contain more than 1 million funded R&D projects, and nearly 150 million patents? Plus, around 250 million scientific articles, and close to 6,000 different grant schemes? Good luck finding your way around that

Powerful search and analysis tool

Fortunately, we’ve got the solution for you. Innovation Engineering – like EGEN, a PNO Group company – has developed a special tool with a search and analysis function of unprecedented power: Wheesbee. This tool helps you navigate the complete innovation landscape, allowing you to search relevant domestic and international databases for projects, patents, scientific articles, partnerships, grant schemes, everything you need to get the full picture. Rather than merely presenting you with a list of search results like so many other tools on the market, Wheesbee actually generates a ready-to-use analysis report, in a clearly organised and accessible format. You can choose to receive this report once only or on a more regular basis, ensuring you’re always fully up-to-date and can follow the relevant trends. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Wheesbee really can do it all.

Perfect for any approach

Roy Neijland, Senior Consultant at EGEN: “We have fully incorporated Wheesbee into our services: we use the tool in the development of innovation projects. Entrepreneurs are free to decide for what purposes they’d like to use the tool. Will you be using it yourself, together with your in-house team of analysts? Or do you decide to enlist the experts at EGEN to delve into the results of your Wheesbee search and design the best innovation strategy for you? Do you have reservations about using the tool, and would you prefer to leave this to one of EGEN’s experts? It’s entirely up to you to decide. But no matter what approach you might choose, you’ll always reap the benefits of the peerless search and analytical powerhouse that is Wheesbee.”

Turn your innovation into a success!

Choosing EGEN to help you navigate the world of innovation and funding means choosing our comprehensive concept – we like to call it ‘Consultancy 2.0’, or data-driven consultancy. Wheesbee has the power to filter the right data from millions of items, analyse it and present it in clear, accurate and well-designed tables and graphs. You will have a comprehensive overview of the innovation landscape and the potential of your innovative product. Our experts will be happy to assist you – they will tell you all about the opportunities available, set out to find partners for you, and help you write winning grant applications.

If your interest is piqued and you would like to request a demo to learn more about what Wheesbee can do for you, call us on +31 (0)88 838 13 81 or send us a message using the contact form below.

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