For years, EGEN has been working on the topic of mobility to contribute to more sustainable transportation. Whether it is sustainable transportation of goods and people, sustainable mobility infrastructure or smart mobility, we support our clients with the development and implementation of sustainable mobility strategies.


The European Green Deal and Dutch climate agreement ask to make transportation of both goods and people more sustainable. Before 2050, the pollution of transportation in Europe has to decrease by 90%. To realise this, about 13 million low emission vehicles need to be on the European roads. EGEN offers support in each phase of this large scale sustainable mobility transition towards zero emission vehicles, both for the transportation of goods and people.

EGEN is not just an expert on large scale projects but also helps start-ups with innovative ideas develop further. We identify opportunities and possibilities, help attract financing for the development phase and support successful initiatives in the scale-up phase. We do this on regional, national, and European level. 

EGEN has a lot of experience with setting up and financing projects related to the development and implementation of zero emission vehicles. A recent example is the DKTI Transport VERZET project (Accelerated Evolution Rotterdam Zero Emission Transportation construction sector). Within this project, we proved that the right mix of smart vehicle and fast charging technology can realise emission free construction logistics on the short term.

EGEN has also supported the ZES project with the successful application of DKTI Transport subsidy. Within ZES, ING, ENGIE, Wartsila and Havenbedrijf Rotterdam work together to introduce a transport concept for emission free inland waterways. Thanks to changeable battery containers, inland waterway ships become emission free.


In the next couple of years, it is necessary to modernise existing infrastructure. Not just to allow for the transition to e.g. zero emission vehicles and make them future proof, but also to allow for the transition to other sustainable means of transport, such as rail, inland waterways and aviation. This means innovation is needed, for example in loading and refuelling infrastructure. Modernising and digitalising existing car, rail and waterways are also of essential importance. EGEN is the partner and connector related to sustainable mobility infrastructures.

Through our extensive network in the mobility sector in Europe, we are able to bring parties together and make visible change which contributes to achieving the climate goals and economic growth. Our clients are public parties like governments and infrastructure managers, as well as private parties focussed on the development and production of new mobility innovations and research institutes.

EGEN has supported below mentioned projects through project development, writing subsidy proposals and contract negotiations. EGEN is also involved as a (financial) project manager with the actual realisation of the projects:

  • CEF ‘Realising the most sustainable container terminal at Rotterdam World Gateway. This project focusses on the realisation of a fully automated, multimodal container terminal at the Tweede Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. The subsidy was provided for the construction of the new container terminal and the investments in required automatised loading and unloading facilities.
  • CEF ‘Removing bottlenecks on the cross-border rail section Venlo (NL) – Kaldenkirchen (DE)’. Within this project, we researched how the rail connection between Venlo and Kaldenkirchen can be made future proof by getting rid of several bottlenecks. Venlo’s position as multimodal cargo hub and the efficiency of both goods and person transportation around Venlo has been increased in this way.


Simply put, smart mobility is using ICT for mobility. This includes alternative transportation systems, e.g. within cities for city distribution, improving road safety or managing transportation. EGEN’s experts work on these topics each day and are up-to-date on the newest innovations. Because innovation is key to smart mobility. Using new information and communication technologies sounds exciting. For us, it is an everyday occurrence. We are up-to-date on the possibilities of blockchain, are a partner in large European projects related to smart charging and work together with our clients to research the feasibility of innovative, smart mobility ideas. Besides this, we support the development of accompanying business cases and provide insight into opportunities and possibilities. EGEN has contributed to several projects regarding smart mobility, including the Horizon 2020 GreenCharge project EGEN is a partner within this project, in which we used pilots in three different cities (Oslo, Bremen and Barcelona) to show which technological solutions and business models are suitable for the large-scale application of sustainable driving. Within this project, we work on getting rid of bottlenecks which hinder large-scale introduction of electric vehicles for several groups. By actively partaking in smart mobility projects, EGEN helps with the acceptance of green innovations.


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