Werner Smulders

As a consultant at EGEN, I want to help clients achieving their green aspirations. I have a background in biology and sustainable innovation, which forms the basis of my intrinsic motivation to work on the green business models of the future. I am broadly interested, therefore I often touch upon the different markets that EGEN is active in. My core interest lies in environmental projects. I believe that if we can make supply chains more circular and if we manage to shrink the footprint of the (processing of) raw materials and ingredients, we can achieve huge gains not just on emissions, but also on biodiversity and pollution.

EGEN has a great culture where people are open towards colleagues and clients. I especially like the inspiring environment where personal development and initiative is placed central. I also value the informal relationships between colleagues.

After work, I like to go running outside, preferably in the forest! Next to that, I like to spend quality time with family and friends. If I’m not outside, I read about new tech or non-fiction books about how we save the planet.


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