According to EGEN, the energy transition has a central role to play in the journey to a cleaner world. Investing in sustainable energy is investing in the future. If we want to make sure we can still fulfil our energy needs in the future, now is the moment to transition to sustainable energy. Sustainable energy can be generated in different ways, of which the most well-known are solar and wind energy. Our experts have years of experience with innovation and investment projects in the area of sustainable energy, energy savings, and energy systems. We are happy to help you with your sustainable innovation or investment!


EGEN contributes to the energy transition by supporting clients in accelerating their sustainable projects. Whether we help finding potential subsidies, the right subsidy strategy, write a proposal or calculate a business case, our enthusiastic consultants are ready to share their knowledge and ensure the project turns into a success. Using our experience in both national and European projects, we know exactly how to support you best.

EGEN has worked on different projects on the topic of sustainable energy, including:


  • Gemini wind park. This is Europe’s largest offshore wind park, in which energy will be produced for 800.000 households. To make this possible, EGEN has successfully applied for SDE subsidy.
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. EGEN has executed a calculation study for the Ministry related to sustainable energy.


Besides transitioning to sustainable energy, we should also ensure we make economic use of the energy we have. Smart technologies and innovative concepts can significantly contribute to energy savings. This is not only beneficial for the environment but also saves money. We apply energy savings to several sectors, including industry, greenhouse horticulture and built environment.

EGEN supports these processes from idea to execution and helps you in all phases of your project. In this way, we have already contributed to the success of several large projects.

The projects we have contributed to include:

  • DistrictEES. In this project, WBW Wijkaanpak works on the development of a business model to make real estate in different neighbourhoods more sustainable. To contribute to this, EGEN has organised financing for all real estate of e.g. Enexis and Eindhoven Airport.
  • HVC. EGEN has applied for Energy Investment Deduction (EIA) for the development of heat grids.
  • Buildinterest. Through this European project, a stakeholder platform was created to facilitate energy investments in the built environment. EGEN has applied for Horizon 2020 subsidy for this project and functioned as project coordinator.


Smart energy systems contribute to sustainable use of energy. An energy system can be developed in different ways. Some projects (CCS, CCU) capture, store and use CO2. Other parties focus on system integration or converting the gas system from natural gas to CO2-free hydrogen.

No matter what type of energy system you focus on, EGEN supports you in your project. We know all about current innovations, which parties are innovating and how developed the innovations are. We are both involved with small-scale conversion projects and large European projects on energy storage systems. This means we are up-to-date on all innovations in this sector, such as innovations related to CC(U)S and hydrogen.

In the area of energy systems, EGEN has experience with many projects, including:

  • CHESTER. This project focusses on the construction of an innovative European system for energy storage and management. This means renewable energy can be used more efficiently. EGEN has conducted a stakeholder analysis and was responsible for the communication and dissemination of the project.
  • Arbaheat. Within this project, a coal plant is converted into a combined heat power plant, in which biomass is used instead of coal. For this project, EGEN applied for Horizon 2020 funding and is a part of the consortium.
  • H-vision. The focus of this project lies on blue hydrogen based on natural gas and residual gasses from refinery, in which CO2 is captured and stored or used. The aim is to allow for the large scale production and application of hydrogen. EGEN developed a subsidy and strategy scan for this project.
  • H2@Home. To be able to use hydrogen safely in residential buildings, several products are tested in the Green Village. EGEN successfully applied for TSE Hydrogen subsidy for this.
  • HVC. EGEN applied for TSE Energy subsidy for several CCUS application for which CO2 is captured and dissolved, in which the feasibility of scaling up is also researched.


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