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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to carry out a project or invest in a company abroad? If so, you may be eligible for the DHI grant for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and investment preparation projects. This grant scheme, run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, encourages Dutch entrepreneurs to conduct successful international business. The scheme is one of the ways the Netherlands is making a positive contribution to sustainable local development in developing countries.

In short

DHI overview

For whom?

SMEs with international ambitions

When to apply?

A DHI grant application can be submitted throughout the year, as long as the annual budget lasts.

How much?

The grant percentage is 50% to 70% of the approved project costs. For a feasibility study or investment preparation project, you can receive a maximum grant of 100,000 euros. For a demonstration project, the maximum amount is 200,000 euros. As of 1 January 2023, the scheme is extra favourable for ‘green’ projects. The annual budget of the DHI scheme is 8.5 million euros.

For what?

DHI is a grant for a demonstration project, a feasibility study or an investment preparation project and is primarily aimed at Dutch SMEs. This scheme is open to companies established in the Netherlands or the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. The grant applies to initiatives in all countries and sectors, except when international sanctions apply.

What is the DHI grant for?

Types of projects

  • Demonstration projects: this is your opportunity to demonstrate that your product or service works well and has added value in the target country.
  • Feasibility studies: this allows you to investigate the technical and commercial feasibility of the project. The resulting business plan helps you to convince the potential client/customer. This increases the chance of export orders for your company. With a feasibility study, the initiative lies with the foreign partner who is interested in the technology, product or service of the Dutch company.
  • Investment preparation projects: do you want to invest abroad? Then you can research the technical and commercial feasibility of the investment. The outcome, a detailed business plan, will enable you to make a well-founded decision and apply for financing. The initiative in an investment preparation project lies with the Dutch entrepreneur.

Meet the requirements

DHI conditions

You are an SME in the Netherlands or the Dutch Caribbean.

Or you have a larger company and you collaborate with a Dutch SME.

You have international ambitions and an interest in foreign markets.

Your project costs are at least 50,000 euros.

Your project meets the guidelines for international corporate social responsibility (you cannot apply for a grant for coal, oil or gas projects abroad).

You are applying for a grant for one target country (the country where the project will take place).

Why this grant?

Purpose of DHI

The purpose of the DHI grant scheme is to enable Dutch companies to conduct successful international business. This is good for the entrepreneur, good for the Netherlands and, if business is done in a developing country, good for sustainable local development.

“As an Innovation Consultant and Business Developer, I am constantly working on identifying opportunities, setting up initiatives and shaping projects. It is my goal to accelerate sustainable innovations and the investments of clients.”

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