Bram Vonsée

Within EGEN, I help parties realise their innovative and sustainable ambitions. I do this by offering strategic insights into certain topics or by arranging funding for sustainable projects. Investing time and knowledge into helping clients to contribute to the climate goals fuels me! I get enthusiastic about nice sustainable projects. That is why I am not really topic-bound: I am interested in the environment, energy and mobility.

Within EGEN, I contribute to many of our clients’ great projects. I am especially proud of my contribution to the hydrogen projects for network operators, as well as of a project focussed on capturing CO2 from the air to turn this into synthetic fuel. Besides this, my contributions to projects regarding sustainable cement and diaper recycling are worth mentioning!

Within EGEN, we are all working on achieving a higher goal and we do not shy away from a tough debate. This way, we keep each other focussed! I really like this about our team.

Besides my work, travelling is my biggest passion. Preferably, I travel to less touristic (undiscovered) destinations reachable by land.