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Alessandro Cavalli

As an energy engineer, I have always wanted to accelerate societaly decarbonisation and transition towards a more sustainable future.

At EGEN, I act as a catalyst to facilitate companies’ innovation in the energy sector. However, having a specialisation in hydrogen systems, I also cover also other sectors such as the transport and the industrial ones. I get energized by discussing their needs with clients their needs, and by helping them to conceptualise new projects, maximize the impacts and exploit the results. Of course innovation doesn’t happen for free, and this is why we also help clients bridging their projects’ funding gaps.

What I like the most about EGEN is the possibility to support clients on top-class, impactful projects and to translate future clients’ needs in new services. The dynamic, stimulating, and supporting environment makes EGEN a great working place!

In my spare time, I like playing sports or hanging out with friends. To clear my mind after a hard day of work, I cook, meditate, or walk in the nature with my dog Bacco.


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